My childhood photography hobby kept progressing over the years and when I finally bought my first SLR camera it enabled me to start producing the type of photographs I could visualise in my mind. Exposure to the work of other panoramic landscape photographers challenged my work even further and I eventually acquired my first 617 panoramic film camera.

I still prefer the creative process involved in film photography as well as the high resolution results that can be obtained with medium and large format film, allowing prints of 60″, 80″ or even wider (one or two meters wide). I do accept that digital photography is advancing fast and try to keep track of the progress in all areas. The majority of the photographs on this site were however produced with my film cameras.

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I can also be contacted at +61 (0)414 662 811 (phone) or P.O Box 2615, Chermside Centre, QLD, Australia, 2615.


Below is a few of my recent awards.


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